Shihan Jarrod Brown began his journey in karate training at the Methuen Karate Association
1986. After starting at age five, he now realizes the incredible impact karate has made on his
life. Many instructors have helped to shape Shihan's life. Yet there are two instructors who
stand out. First and foremost,
Kancho Larry F. Giordano has been there from the beginning.
Asking no more than he himself could give, he is a role model and father figure to many.
Kancho is a man who creates a burning hunger to succeed in so many young peoples' hearts
day to day.

One other instructor had a great impact on Shihan's understanding and growth in karate. That
person was
Sensei Dan Duffy who lost his battle with cancer years ago. His determination and
will showed a sense of desire that could not be matched. The willpower involved in his struggle
made Shihan Brown realize even at a young age that the discipline and respect that students
achieve through karate can help in all aspects of life. Sensei Duffy was awarded a Branch Chief
Certificate from Mas Oyama just as Kancho Giordano had many years before. The link from
incredible instructor to incredible instructor can be shown here in the
Kyokushin Power Map
of 1991. Hanshi Buck had been named a Branch Chief and U.S. Chairman of the North
American IKO and promoted to 7th dan by Mas Oyama himself at a full contact tournament
in Japan in 1989. Hanshi Buck, Kancho Giordano, and Sensei Duffy were three of the ten
United States powers of Kyokushin listed by Sosai in 1991. The respect and dedication that
Shihan Jarrod Brown had learned from the preceding people helped him greatly in his journey
to black belt.

1997, Shihan Jarrod Brown successfully tested for his Shodan (1st degree blackbelt).
Shihan's test was one that he has never forgotten. He was challenged to the limit by a number
of extremely talented and very strong blackbelts. The fact that this test was so difficult and
draining made Shihan feel as if he earned more than just his blackbelt, he had now begun a
new journey that would include intense training and many new lessons to be learned. Since
then, he would learn from many Kyokushin Karate masters. Utilizing the lessons from these  
instructors, Shihan Jarrod Brown trained as hard as possible, competed in
local and regional
tournaments, and taught as much as he could. Teaching, Shihan felt, was one of the best ways
to learn. In 2001, Shihan was promoted to Nidan (2nd degree blackbelt) and made a promise
to himself to train even harder than before. Spending five to six days a week training at the
dojo and teaching both at MKA and at other venues, Shihan was soon promoted to Sandan
(3rd degree black belt in 2003). Over the course of five years, Shihan Jarrod Brown gave back
to karate through collaborating on a
Kyokushin text book that includes information and
pictures that covers the gradual promotion from white belt through black belt. Shihan also
helped produce a series of DVD's depicting the same information. In 2007, Shihan was
challenged by Kancho Giordano to compete in a grueling 25 man kumite. The Methuen
Karate Association had never hosted such an event in the past and Shihan  Jarrod  Brown
would be the first to try to accomplish this goal. Shihan competed in this
"Iron Man" kumite
and successfully honored his instructor by completing the kumite test in a strong and
dedicated fashion. As a result of this kumite test and Shihan's dedication to Kyokushin karate,
Kancho Larry Giordano promoted him to Yondan (4th degree black belt) in 2008.  

Shihan Jarrod Brown has been teaching karate and self defense at many local schools as a part
of several Merrimack Valley after school programs since 1997. He successfully implemented a
martial arts program at
Camp Marist (located in Ossipee, NH) in 1998 and the program is still
running strong today. In 2008, Shihan introduced Central Catholic High School, in Lawrence,
MA to Kyokushin Karate. The CCHS Karate Club gives the students at CCHS the
opportunity to learn basic self defense techniques, traditional Japanese karate (which includes
kihon, kata, kumite, tameshiwari, and the practical use of traditional Japanese weapons), and
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Along with these practical applications, students can expect to learn self
control, self respect, self discipline, humility, and a strong work ethic. Kancho Giordano
promoted Shihan Brown to Godan (5th degree black belt) following the 2014 black belt
review/promotion held at the North American Kyokushin Karate Organization Honbu in
Methuen, MA.  

Kancho Giordano once said that Shihan was going to be one of his best black belts; to this
day, Shihan remembers that statement and believes that he can be. Karate has been and still is
a way of life for Shihan. Through karate, anyone can achieve goals that they set for
themselves. The true meaning of karate is the dedication, discipline, and hard work that every
karate-ka practices! Osu!
Shihan Jarrod Brown