MKA Heritage
Hanshi's Shodan black belt promotion
Article from Hanshi Buck
Don Buck performing an inside hooking kick
This letter was sent to Hanshi from Sosai Oyama who speaks very highly of MKA
Methuen Oyama Karate sticker
IKO Patch
Don Buck.....what is karate?
Article about Hanshi coaching the U.S. karate team
MKA bumper sticker.....Notice the logo, School of the Tiger.....This of course was the school name adopted from Sensei Buck who was Shihan's instructor
This is an old MKA paper listing assistant instructors.....Notice the pictures of Hanshi with Sosai
Sensei Walter Murphy's MKA Patches...
Oyama chopping the horns off of a bull...what a great patch!
Old MKA School of the Tiger Patch
Another MKA School of the Tiger Patch!
Hanshi Giordano has had many schools open under is a New England Kyokushinkai Karate Organization Patch...
An original Kyokushin Kanku Patch
Sensei Walter Murphy was kind enough to let me borrow some of his patches from
his training days. Sensei Murphy was one of the best black belts to ever train at
Methuen Karate. At one time, he was nationally ranked in both kumite and kata. We
are very lucky that he paved the way for us as karate-ka! Osu!
Sensei Mark Dana, Sensei Dan Duffy, Sempai Kevin Higginbottom, Hanshi Larry Giordano, and Sensei Walter Murphy Celebrating At An MKA End Of The Year Banquet