Hanshi Don Buck
Don Buck was both kind and powerful. He spent his life helping others and teaching the
martial arts. His close friend and teacher, Mas Oyama gave Don Buck the title "Fierce Tiger".

As a child, Don and a few other children stayed at a daycare center supervised by an Indian
Yogi. Whenever Don and the other children were unruly, the Yogi would hypnotize them and
place them in a trance. They would sit quietly against the wall until allowed to resume playing.
This early experience gave Don special insight into the power and usefulness of hypnotism.
Later, he extensively studied hypnotism (known in Japanese as sai ming jitsu) in conjunction
with karate. Sensei had a natural gift for sai ming, which he considered a part of Chi-Gong
practice. It was said that he could hypnotize you with a stare.

Throughout his life, he used this power constructively to help others.In his youth, Don Buck
grew up on the tough streets of San Francisco. He was very athletic and spent hours practicing
gymnastics in Golden Gate Park.

During WW II, he served in the Admiralty Islands where he taught hand-to-hand combat.
While in the military, he became a boxing champion. While not on duty, he practiced other
martial arts including knife fighting.

After the war, in 1945, he returned to the San Francisco Bay Area where he resumed weight
lifting and began to train under Duke Moore in Judo and Jujitsu.

In 1955, Don Buck was contacted by karate legend Mas Oyama. Sensei Buck began a lifelong
friendship with the founder of Kyokushin karate. According to Don Buck, "We trained
together for hours." This workout included karate as well as boxing, judo and jujitsu
techniques. Both men were extremely aggressive and strong. They were also highly trained in
the mental and physical aspects of the martial arts. On trips to America, Mas Oyama would
make a point of staying with his friend Don Buck.

Don Buck made several trips to China and Japan to increase the depth of his knowledge and
to share his expertise with others. He was awarded the honorary degree of M.D.T.C.M.
(doctor of traditional Chinese medicine) by the Hong Kong Naturopathy Association. He also
trained with other high-ranking martial artists who had immigrated to the San Francisco Bay

Don Buck was instrumental in founding the AAU for Karate and Kung fu. He was the
founder of his own school known as the "School of the Tiger". He trained many outstanding
karate Sensei, including his wife, Marriette Buck, Alice Eguchi, his 2 sons, Fred Buck and Don
Buck Jr., Steve Senne, Larry Giordano, Birney Jarvis, John Pell and Mike Dayton (former
Mr. America). In 1989, he encouraged his student, friend, and personal physician, Dr. Daniel
Andrews to start teaching karate to the public (prior to this, Dr. Andrews only taught family

Buck believed that "all of the arts are one."

Hanshi passed away in September of 1998. His contributions to the martial arts will never be